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O Moon!


O moon! No matter how many perspectives do I hold to see you; how many adjectives do I use to describe your immense beauty, the truth is they can’t even depict a bit of your tremendous glory.
And if they are, how can they describe your inner strength, your core qualities? Which, according to me, are endless too. As I observe, you are serene, divine, unbiased, calm, stable, tranquil, hard-working… No, hard-work is a tiny word for you. You are above that, may be a karma-yogi… Penancing continuously, endlessly, eternally, infinitely…beyond jealousy, expectations, a silent observer of every happening under you; still maintaining your peaceful aura.
The mutual understanding between you and the sun is commendable too. The sun arrives and you depart without even a flick of jealousy. How beautifully you maintain your dignity because you know both of you are equally important parts of this universe. You are not afraid of losing your position or you understand that this existence is not about position, its about patience, tranquility and peace.
Ha! I can write and write on you, because I am in love with you. But the rest is for some other time. You are going to set in a few minutes as the glorious sun has arrived too.
So, good-bye for now. Happy journey! Don’t forget I can’t stop loving you.
Medhavi 🙂

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