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Morning time is the time of divinity,
When we can meet our higher selves & experience the infinity.
When we can talk to ourselves,
And find that God resides nowhere but in our higher selves.
When we can do self analyzation,
& judge honestly every situation.
When we can talk to the Nature,
& thank it for it’s creation.
When we are not biased,
& treat everyone with a balance.
When we can listen to the chirping of the birds,
& realize they are so virtuous.
When we can feel the cool wind on our face,
& feel refreshed & blessed.
When we can hear the voice of silence,
& actualise this is the best of diamonds.
Friends, always spend some time alone,
Preferably in the morning, when you are in your zone.
It will help you tremendously to move along,
To face every situation & be strong.

Thanks friends for reading this poem & have a great weekend!!!
Medhavi Jain 🙂

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