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Science of spirituality

10 Things Jain Philosophy Taught Me

Belonging from a mixed culture (Baniya, Punjabi) gave me, comparatively, a broader point of view to see and understand things. I got married into a Jain family. Eventually after sixteen years, my reading habit made me curious to know the answers of some philosophical questions like: What is life? Why are we here? What is our purpose? What lies beyond etc.? Then as destined I got in touch with the teachings of Jainism, within two days I started to transform, I felt a divine energy pouring through me. I found many of my hidden capabilities, till then lying somewhere in my subconscious. At that moment I realised why there are so less people interested in, or know about this philosophy? Silently my consciousness took a pledge of studying it further (as much as I can), and then spread it in my own way. As I believe 'Life is a journey of knowing, not believing.' I picked up my lost dreams again, of continuing my education. Since then there is no looking back. In past 6-7 years, I became a writer, completed my graduation, then masters (in Jainism), became a Life-Coach, in the meanwhile two of my Hindi poetry books got published, and now I am a research scholar, busy in PhD. Without wasting time, I would like to share a few things that this wonderful philosophy has taught me.

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A Message From GOD

  "Hello humans, why don't you mind your own business. If you think I've created this universe, then why don't you think that too; that I can take care of myself. So, stop fighting on my name & accept the truth that it's the negativity inside you, which wants to kill…

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A date with myself, A cup of tea with myself. It rejuvenates me, It illuminates me. When there is no one but only me, My silence, my time, my peace & me. This is a time when I can sit back and think correctly, To analyse every situation & decide carefully. This date with myself is essential, This conversation…

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