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My mother’s fitness regime

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Name- Shashi Gupta
Age- 59 years
Health history- Diabetic (with insulin, twice a day) since 32 years
Exercise schedule-
Winters- 40 minutes of laughter yoga in the morning
One hour in gym, followed by one hour of walk in evening

Summers- 40 minutes of laughter yoga in the morning
One hour in swimming pool, followed by 30 minutes of walk in evening

Swimming, which she has (almost) learnt last year when she visited her son (i.e. my brother) in the US, after many bruises & cuts. Thankfully youtube helped her in observing the steps and her grandson (i.e. my nephew) accompanied her to all the swimming sessions.
Now she desperately wants to learn cycling. Young mothers of her society compliment her for her agility.
Whenever I walk with her, she has to walk slow because I am unable to keep my pace with her.
She always has a smile on her face. Children of her society call her Dadi (grandmother).
She listens to each of my poetry with the same attentiveness & no matter how good or bad is it, she always claps for me & gives me a hug and says I am so proud of you my dear.
She always thank me that I’ve given her some really good & positive books, which changed her perspective towards life & that I’ve introduced her to spirituality & philosophy.
She is an inspiration for me, her liveliness and faith in me keeps me going. I pray to the universe to look after her. May the cosmos protect you from leer (buri nazar) and give you a long & healthy life.
Love you ma… ??

Have a pleasant Sunday evening buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂