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Nothing But Gratitude…


Often in our life’s routine,
We forget to count our blessings.
Today, let’s consider our graces umpteen,
Let’s do the caressing.
And at last we would find that there is nothing left but gratitude,
Yes, it is life’s amplitude.
Wake up in the morning & say,”Look! I’m alive”. Gratitude
I am fit & fine. Gratitude
I have roof over my head, Gratitude
Wow! I still have a bed. Gratitude
I go the bathroom & there is water running in the tap, Gratitude
I’m brushing my teeth, I have tooth brush & paste to grab. Gratitude
I take a shower with soap & shampoo, Gratitude
Wow! I have a towel to soak my dew. Gratitude
I go into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea,
To my surprise I have sugar, cardamom, a cup. I am full of glee. Gratitude
I eat whatever & whenever I want,
In fact I won’t get anything the very next moment,
there is always a chance. Gratitude
I have a beautiful family,
Who love me & care for me,
It’s okay everybody fights a little,
What is the big deal. Gratitude
At least we all are together,
That’s why life is like a feather. Gratitude
I wear whatever I want,
And I often jaunt.
So what if there are some mitigations in life,
How can a life will be called life
Which is without a strife. Gratitude
When I feel tired & want to retire,
I often count my blessings,
And pray they would never be expired. Gratitude
But again I know if it would be so,
That would also be for a reason though. Gratitude
Coz nothing happens without a reason in the universe,
And we just have to traverse. Gratitude
With humbleness & humility I go to sleep,
And ask myself who am I in front of the universe. Gratitude
But whatever I am I know I am very important,
And the cosmos is all there to take care of me,
I am not an orphan. Gratitude
I have only Gratitude.
Nothing but Gratitude.
Nothing but Gratitude.

Recently I read a hindi book “Ajnabi Jazeera” by Nasira Sharma where Iraq’s circumstances were depicted when it was under attack. Where it was shown how a family crave to have a cup of tea & to take shower & many other things. That book motivated me to count my blessings which resulted into this poem.
Thanks for your time buddies.
Have a sunday with gratitude, Nothing but Gratitude!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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