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Passion says,’convert your energies’


When we are passionate about something, we see that only. Not only see, we feel, we eat, we sleep, we live that only. Every moment of our life starts belonging to our passion.
Our passion improves us, it gives a definite purpose to our life. It keeps us focused. It accompanies us in the lowest moments. Our passion is with us no matter what. One can live with his passion till he dies?
Now what about the ups & downs of our life, our fears, anxieties, different emotions like anger, pride, greed, delusion etc. Here comes my answer that convert each of your experience, each of your emotion, each of your fear or whatever, into your passion. Because being human no matter where we live, how educated are we or from which financial background we belong. Our fears are the same & so does our emotions. Which are kind of negative energies, which prevent us from accomplishing our goals. So better deal with them wisely & convert those energies into a transforming energy of our passion. Let us give them shape too.
Conversion is the calling. Like for me I like to convert everything into words. What about you?

Happy day awesomes!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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