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A Plea From The Elephant Head God -GANESHA


Namaskar! Devotees. I’m really humbled by your offerings, worshipping & devotion during the Ganesha Utsav, which goes on for ten days. I’m happy that you participated zealingly in my visarjan (dissolution). You danced till you were dripping, I really liked your energy. But bhakts don’t you think it is about the dissolution of your inner bad feelings like anger, pride, deceit& greed? Why do you always need my idol to motivate you, to show you the way, to prove that I exist? The truth is I reside in each one of you, as you. I know exactly how many of you are honestly doing it & I know that you know it too. Then why create so much of hullabaloo of your feelings, emotions & devotion? You all know its an internal trip.
Have you ever noticed what happen to my idols the very next day of visarjan? If you are a true devotee you must keep track of that too. For now let me tell you, they lie randomly, broken, sometimes on the sea-shore & sometimes in the garbage dump. You can see my broken hands & feet, exploded faces. But no one sees me, observes me at that time because you think your task is over after my visarjan. You all go to your homes & rest. Left me to wonder what kind of bhakti is that?
You never realise that things change with time & circumstances. Have you ever noticed the condition of your sea water & rivers & what happens to their inhabitants? I must tell you they suffer a lot through my chemical painted idols. Many of them die & what can I do except being a silent spectator? If you need my idol to motivate you, why not just keep it simple, without any decoration or paint & chemicals? Don’t forget beta I’m not about makeup, jewellery & eatables. I’m about peace, serenity & simplicity. Why don’t you see me & accept as that? Is it because then you too have to follow these traits? Why not just make my idols simple, with plain mud so that when you do visarjan it gets melted into the water, without harming any other creature.
It’s high time devotees to see me in you, as you. At least respect your oceans & rivers. And as you are a heavily populated country, you all do it separately, to show that you are my equal devotees. It’s not a race balak! Its all about the internal journey, the antar-yatra.
Always remember the more hollow one is from within, the more noise he makes.
So be calm & follow me internally. Don’t worship my physical entity rather worship my virtues.
This is the need of this hour. Hope you would understand my plea?
Ganesha 🙂

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