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Smoking & Alcohol

The Effects of Smoking and Alcohol on the Brain

Among some important laws of the universe, one is “right to live”, to exist. Each & every living being has equal right to live. We don’t have any right or authority neither we are supposed to kill any living being or to rob off their right to live.
In this rule comes our very own selves also. Our healthy body, which is indeed a boon from the universe. But as we are humans, the smartest species on the earth, it’s really amazing how when we feel tensed or dissatisfied from our lives or ourselves, we gradually get attracted to smoking & drinking alcohol. Which we know, are the slow killers, affects our health badly after a momentarily relaxation. Here please note that I’m not asking to become a saint. These two are the givings of the modern tensed world but never ever get addicted to them, never become a chain-smoker or a daily drunker. Pay attention that these two monsters won’t only engulf first your health & then your relationships but your life at large.
And please don’t give excuses like I started smoking because of that person or that incident, he hurt me so badly, long time ago blah, blah, blah. Is it your life or his? Are you under your own control or his? So, this blame game is nothing but kiddish. We should never blame someone else for our own weaknesses. Either take responsibility of your actions or quit. But at least don’t blame someone else. I wonder how easily we surrender & take someone else’s barrage.
Some people say, ” jitna ji lenge, ji lenge”. Right friends but pray that no matter for how long I live, I live a healthy life, which is free of self-generated diseases.
Smoking & alcohol or drugs are slow killers & by using them we rob off our own right to live.
Happy & contented day buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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