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A poem based on the movie The Theory of Everything


A bright student of physics
Genius, dexterous, full of dreams.

A girl with her own aspirations
Enters into his life.

Attraction, love, bonding
But destiny is mysterious
Here comes the rare motor neuron disease.

Anger, frustrations, helplessness
Time to decide what to choose
A normal life
Or a brilliant but going to be short-lived husband.

Decisions, overflow of emotions, surrendering
Sacrifice & unconditional love
And a choice of, perhaps, life-long penance.

Marriage, romance, children, responsibilities
Growing fame, researches, traveling & love.

Looking after everything alone… surrender
Still there is only love… penance
But until when!

Still increasing fame
A Brief History of Time
Worldwide success.

Things are changing
New people are entering into their lives

And the undying quest for the theory of everything.

One is an example of sheer intelligence
And the other is of surrender & pure love.

But many traits they possess in common
A die-hard attitude, fighter spirit, courage
& Some indescribable attributes.

A tribute to both of them
My salute to both of them.

Have a thoughtful Sunday friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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