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Only Two Spectators…


There are always two spectators to observe your journey & deeds. One is you, yourself & the other is the universe. No matter what; both of them will observe you every passing unit of time. And other than these two, there is no third entity which can keep your track honestly & unbiasedly. Just the two.
Among these two; the universe is common for all, for every living being & the second one is you, the soul. Your soul, my soul & every soul. To whom this journey belongs.
No matter how close are we with someone, whether it’s our family, our spouse, our children or friends… No on can get to know about us, truly, deeply.
What we think, how we work, what we do when we are alone & what runs in our mind at any particular time. Only the soul & the universe.
This is so scientific & understandable.
And these two spectators are the ones who keep the record of our karma. Of our thoughts, words & deeds. And sooner or later that record has to be played for us only; who else. No matter what we can’t run from it. We have to hear the tracks we recorded for ourselves.
Now at this point of time, it’s up to us how we face it, handle it & tackle it. This is our ????????? (purusharth- manliness).
We can not ditch someone, we can not hurt someone, we can’t lie to someone, we can not kill someone. It’s a part of us, a deeper, truer part; we ditch it, we hurt it, we lie to it, we kill it.
And when it gets wounded, the universe takes care of that part. The universe teach us lesson on behalf of that part.
This is how it works.

Thanks for your valuable time friends.
Have a truly amazing day ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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