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In A Relationship With Food

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Chanting and (eating) food should be done in seclusion.
I’ve heard this many times & have always thought bhajan is okay but have never believed in the food part because I used to think on the basis of what our elders say.
That, if we eat in front of many people there are chances of “????” (bad eye), that may be some one look at your food with a bad intention and it may not digest you well.
But now gradually through my own analyzation I’ve started thinking that this statement is correct. Not on the basis of a bad eye but from a meditative point of view.
When we worship, that is the time we spend with the divine, where we should be alone so that we can concentrate. Similarly, when we eat, that is the time when we should be
alone with our food, so that we can concentrate on it completely, so that we can thank the universe for providing us with such a blessing, so that we can enjoy each & every bite,
slowly, gradually and feel it going down into the stomach & can have a fulfilling experience.
In this way we would only eat the amount truly needed by our body, enjoy our food the best, have a more healthy & fulfilling experience and that food will keep us satisfied even for
a longer time.
But now a days we are forgetting our relationship with our food. It is just a negligible routine for us, we spend more time on stuffing our stomachs with the unnecessary amount of food
without thinking it’s aftereffects on our bodies.
We eat while we work, while we watch television and so on… But we never eat alone because we don’t have the time for our one of the most important vital necessities i.e. food.
This is a very big reason why stomach related diseases are increasing tremendously.
If we give it a thought and start to meditate upon our food, we can expect a much healthier future for ourselves as well as for generations to come.
I hope you too will agree with me.
Thank you for reading & have a pleasant day ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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