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Shakti beyond

Durga Maa face

Enough of general, conceptualised, conservative and blind faith towards Shakti. Let us try to see her beyond.
Shakti as the true, formless spiritual power
Which lies in you and me
Shakti, who is transcendent, tranquil & serene.
Who is highly knowledgeable
Is indomitable.
Shakti the femininity of the universe
Shakti, whose fraction is every woman
Who is there in every mother
Just like the universe has the power to give unconditional love to her children, no matter what.
Shakti, who has the capability of being as tender as a mimosa
And at the same time as daring & fearless as a river.
We can not hold her unto a particular religion
Believe me we all are equally her children.
If she is so much
How can we bind her in just a few days
Let’s cherish her round the year.

Happy Navratras friends, lets think beyond!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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