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A Talk With The Universe


I don’t know where I’m going,

But I know that I’ve started the journey.

I don’t know what is my wish,

But I know that it includes every living being’s benevolence in it.

Just like everybody else I’m also in pursuit of happiness,

One day that eternal bliss would be achieved,

And I’ll be its witness.

I’ve expressed my heartiest wish to the universe,

And the universe has already started working on it thus.

It has started showing me the way,

I know the path is far & tough,

But at least now I’m not astray.

The universe has told me to observe the nature & its elements,

And try to be like them with gentleness.

I’m happy & want to dive into the ocean of peace,

But wait, the universe is saying it’s not like that I’ve talked to you only,

Child, I’m not biased and every single being is equal to me, closely.

But yes, that’s also true that people don’t try to listen what I’m saying,

But again this is not the reason enough that I must stop trying.

I’ll keep giving them glimpses of divinity,

I know one day they will feel the affinity.

Doesn’t matter I’ll wait for that day,

Till then I’m on my way.

You keep on writing & keep moving on your spree.

My blessings are with you, move ahead with glee.

Now I’m even happier & motivated,

That now I’m affiliated.

That now I’m affiliated.


I know friends there are so many “I”s in this poem but what to do, when ideas come, I have to write.

Thanks a lot for your time & have a great week ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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