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From The Diary of A Thoughtful Teenager…


I’ve always wondered about some things since my childhood,

That what does it takes to reach adulthood.

As I’m aware adults should be more calm, patient and eloquent,

But somehow I don’t find this assumption relevant.

Let’s take the example of spirituality and God,

How they have molded these two according to what they thought.

They go to temples & pilgrimages quite often,

But the purpose of doing so has been softened.

It’s going like this since ages,

I wonder have God put them in cages?

Why are they so afraid of him,

And always try to please him?

Have they done something wrong,

And it’s their guilt to move along?

Is God against individuality?

I hope not.

But then why are they losing their personalities?

Everyone is running in a race blindly,

They don’t know where they are going,

If you know, please let me know kindly.

They are making temples one after another,

Coz their sins are increasing and they want a place separate from their homes altogether.

Where they can just go, relax & wash their blunders,

They don’t care if after that God has to suffer.

They are becoming insecure by every passing day,

In fact they are losing their confidence and devotion is mere a display.

I wonder what would happen to those many temples in the long run,

Would anybody take care of them or they would be left undone?

But how can I forget religions provide employment to millions of people,

Of course there would be many of them though they would make the faith enfeeble.

I still have many questions unanswered,

If you know please clear my confusion.

If it’s said, “God resides in each one of us”

The why can’t we find all the pilgrimages within & save ourselves from repress?

Don’t you think religions are all about compassion, moral values, happiness & peace,

And not about some obtrusion?

Where everybody would forget his own identity.

I hope one day a new religion would pervade on earth,

Where there would be no discrimination on the basis of birth.

Where there would be only equanimity,

And everyone would live with unity.

The earth would run on non-violence & compassion,

There would be no boundaries, but only satisfaction.

I would keep hoping as it’s said, “The world fosters on expectation”

Sooner or later we would reach our destination.

Thanks a lot for your time friends.

Have a thoughtful weekend ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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