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Track of festivity


How rare is it and how often

This beautiful scenery
Due to which my mood softens.
These grayish, whitish dense clouds
And the setting sun’s soothing light
Oh! it’s so magnificent, such a delight.
Flocks of birds going back home
They know so well it’s their last resort.
Don’t know how but nature has this calm aura
Which shows enormous patience
And takes away all my frustrations.
Which (sometimes) surround me for the reason unknown
But now it’s all blown.
Thank you cosmos for taking away my negativity
I am feeling lighter now, freed from captivity
Now I am back on my track of festivity.
Sharing my 500th poem friends. No doubt writing shows me the way, lifts my pressures and it does much more than I can think of.
Have a happy Friday buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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