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It’s my turn to surrender


Life… strange, weird, happy, sad
Confusing, questionable.

Life..a jigsaw puzzle
Where we act like mere puppets.

Neither we know from where have we come
Nor where would we go.

Nothing is in our hands
We have not chosen our parents
Neither our siblings
Nor our life-partners
Nor our kids.

Neither my existence is in my hands
Nor my death.

It’s all so strange…
Then why not surrender
And live.

Live as if there is neither tomorrow
Nor sorrow.

Live energetically, effectively
Abundantly, enthusiastically.

That one day life would be surprised
And appreciate us
Would pat our back and would say
Great going child!
You’ve passed the test
And now it’s my turn to surrender.

Happy sunday friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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