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Religion of truth

Olympic Mountain Sunset, Mount Olympia, Washington State, USA

Truth doesn’t belong to any religion. Truth is, just truth. Plain, simple, naked, honest. It is the religion itself. If a person is born, he is born. His birth belongs to the truth and not to the religion he is born into. He will be required the same basic necessities just like some other person, born in some other part of the world. And as he would grow, all his physical changes, bodily requirements, intellect’s growth would be a part of his journey, which in turn belongs to the truth and not the religion he is born into. Good health, diseases, personality, habits etc. some are the result of the current life, but mainly they belong to the truth. When he dies he goes back into the ultimate religion of truth.
Throughout one’s life one lives in infinite unknown subtle dimensions, which are beyond human understanding. Dimensions which belong to the truth.
Any religion can just show us the direction towards the truth. We all have to discover it on our own, which is one and same for all.
Let us follow the religion of truth.
Let us bow down in front of the truth.

Have a pleasant day friends!!!
Happy Eid.
Medhavi 🙂

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