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A Universal Prayer


When we move forward onto the path of truth, gradually we become stronger, we keep asking questions and keep getting their answers as well. Sometimes by our Guru and sometimes by our own experiences and findings. But the path of truth keeps motivating us to ask newer, even deeper questions and to explore newer realms. Slowly we start to put our older beliefs and followings into that circle and test them and test ourselves as well that am I on the right path, am I doing the right thing, am I worshipping the right deity, am I reciting the right mantras, prayers?

Here comes the answer for me, that we need to redefine some of our prayers as well. We must recite a prayer which is unbiased, non-violent, compassionate, includes benevolence of each and every living being in the cosmos and it must be able to convey the message of Universal oneness, it must show you the right path, must make you fearless, must teach you to stand for yourself, not to be dependent on others, and it must teach you to be an individual. I have done that with all the prayers I used to do and found this, one prayer passing that test and that is “???? ????? ” And now I recite it daily and chant some mantras, which too are of course unbiased.
Sharing the link for this prayer.
Few days ago I translated it into English as well. Will share it some other time.
If you too have a prayer like this, do let me know.
Thanks and have a truly thoughtful day pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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