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What to do if you find a dead peacock

[su_quote]Efforts are never wasted and in the process they strengthens one’s faith in them which eventually turns into confidence[/su_quote]

The reason behind this quote has its roots in a sad incident of today’s morning itself. When I saw a peacock that died just at that time only, (I saw the last movement of his legs). While I was contemplating about what to do next, I searched on google & surprisingly there was neither any information of any cremation services for a peacock nor any number mentioned about what to do if one sees a dead peacock however I got to know that being the national bird, a peacock is always cremated wrapped in the tricolour.
Finally after 10-15 phone calls, numbers taken, from different websites; I got the right number of MCD which was responsible for the task & quickly they respond, ‘madam, we will reach there in an hour, in the mean time you need to register a police complaint also, an inspector will come to check his body (being the national bird) then only we will be able to take him away.’

Thinking that perhaps I did the wrong thing as it may turn out to be a headache. They may also ask for some money. But I am happy that I was proven wrong as the moment both of them arrived, with the tricolour, they wrapped the body, got a letter from us about how we discovered him & left.

It turned out to be a good experience. Throughout the morning I was on phone but this effort became successful & now I am more confident about taking steps like these. Hearty thanks to the MCD people for doing their job honestly & in time.

May the peacock’s soul rest in peace.

Let me tell you that most of the times people just throw the peacock’s body away in garbage as they think of the process too lengthy & they think that the people from government will bother them.
Also one needs to call on 100 to call for the policeman for the same. Here is the MCD number: 011-26522700


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