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How Three Weeks Changed My Perspective

[su_quote]Truth is bare, bitter & ugly
The only beauty of it is that it takes us towards freedom
Freedom of the soul, karma & what not

Day: 24th June, 2018
Place: Downtown, Toronto, Canada
Event: LGBT Parade

I was handed over a pamphlet with the PRIDE colours on it, somehow I took it & had a random look, that mentioned the word ‘SPECIESISM’ means discrimination based on species & that pamphlet requested to end it. A quote was also written on it: “We don’t need to oppress others to live happy and healthy lives.” Names of few documentaries were given on it, which I will mention later.

[su_pullquote]It is the best to choose ignorance, for truth doesn’t allow us to sit with the doors closed.[/su_pullquote]

Being vegetarians we live quite satisfactorily because we have this intricate faith that we are not harming any animal for our food. Although I guess all of us have heard something or the other about the scary milk industry, but we never try to peep into it further. Ironically the statement which is true for the non-vegetarians is true for the vegetarians as well. For deep down there we know that if we would see something disturbing how will we be able to sacrifice the selfish pleasure of our taste buds. Hence we choose to be ignorant. Being an author & considering myself a seeker of truth I dared to peep into the bare truth & as expected I was badly shaken. This disturbance pushed me further to join the 22 days vegan challenge on Facebook and what I found there was even more mesmerising.

Till now I was proud to be a vegetarian but now that pride has been shattered for I know that a Vegan is the real vegetarian or perhaps we have got the meaning of vegetarian, wrong. If you won’t believe go & check the meanings of vegan & vegetarian; both have same meanings but none mentions that a vegetarian is that who consumes animal products.

Challenge 22+

It is a closed group with almost a thousand members from different parts of the world, Australia, Canada, UK, India, and Iceland to name a few. There are 22 mentors to support & guide the new vegans through their journey towards ending animal suffering.

Till now I used to think that societal conditioning is only of the mind but after adopting veganism (for 22 days) I realised that even our thinking towards our food is conditioned.

For now this much information is enough friends. Wish you good luck with watching & exploring these documentaries on your own. Will keep writing more about my experiences of veganism. As of now I am going to start two products I am quite fond of i.e. curd & butter.

[su_highlight]If one is unable to leave the whole, one can leave partially. But it’s a request to start the journey or at least give it a try for it is required not only for our health but majorly for the health of our beloved mother earth and all of its children. [/su_highlight]

Health related documentaries named: Forks Over Knives & What the Health on Netflix

Environment… Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret on Netflix

Ethics… Earthlings and Peaceable Kingdom on Google (Earthlings was so disturbing that I couldn’t see the whole. It depicted as humans what we are committing to the mute, innocent animals)

Visit their website:

And if like me you too have this misconception that in India nothing like this happens please read The white lies of the dairy industry that no one wants you to know

Now you may know the reasons of few of my recently posted quotes on my page on Facebook. Do let me know your views about this topic and if this writeup has motivated you to think about veganism.

Love, happiness & peace
Medhavi 🙂

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