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At 5:45 AM, It’s So Peaceful!

It’s so peaceful right now. Only a few sounds of the clock, crickets & the vibrations of the refrigerator. Rest is peaceful. When I’m looking out towards the lawn, the atmosphere there is even quieter. Sunlight is approaching gradually, no, not gradually but speedily hence the colour of the sky is also changing accordingly, from black to blue & all the hues in between. Isn’t it wonderful how nature changes its colours so fast? And how surprisingly the redness of the great, glorious sun can be seen in the western skies too.
Look! As I’m writing these few lines, the colour of the sky is even lighter now. The sun is on it’s usual track, without ever getting bored, with the same glory & patience. With enormous messages, with the same zeal & grandeur. All this is simply amazing! It seems as if I’m peeping into a colour changing painting, where the impact of the rising sun on the sky can be seen. Because everything else is still, there is no wind hence the trees are stable and as there is still time in the sunrise, the birds are also waking up in their nests, perhaps. Their usual chi-chi sound is not audible yet. When they declare, “yes, we are ready to depart for the day, to move on to our spree, to go to work, to find food, to run our house hold, to look after our families.”
Awesome! Every living being has the same things to do in life, to run a life. It’s 6 O’clock now & now I can hear some chirping of the birds. I even saw a bird flying in that painting, who must have left his nest early for some early work. 🙂
It’s 6:10 now & the sky is even lighter. Each time a different colour, each time a different scene. Every tiny incident of nature tells us that change is the only constant thing in the universe & it is inevitable.
Happy sunday friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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