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Some Recent Bad Experiences Working With NGOs


I’ve heard that the time is really bad now a days and everybody is crazy after money. And the people working as NGOs are also not untouched by this money fever. But we don’t understand the truth until we don’t come in touch with people. Recently I had two experiences which have opened my eyes & have assured me that how important is it to have a clear & pure conscience. And no matter how big or small work you do, they would count tremendously if done by pristine, healthy thoughts.
Incident one: Few months ago a couple came to our office and said we’ve started an NGO which works for the betterment of migratory labourers’ & their children. And in this context we want to start a school at your company’s construction site. We will do everything, all we need is your support. As our company is already running a creche there, they said we will elaborate it even further. We found them genuine & consented. So, they started their workings. All the expenses were taken care by the company. They only kept a person who used to come there daily & used to keep children busy in some activities. Somehow two-three months passed, in between that period we realised that they make it a point that every expense should be from company’s side & they were there to take credits only & they used to come to show their authority over there. We were a bit annoyed & told them to discontinue their services. Then one day that lady came to our office, to convince me to not to discontinue. When she left the office by mistake she left one of her file on my table, which turned out to be an eye-opener for me. As soon as she left I opened the file & was shocked to see the minutest day to day details of their activities. Like on June 1- we made children do this and this, from this time to this time. And then so on…. And then on june 2……….
At first I didn’t get it & thought if they are truly doing something for the needy why to waste such a time on making detailed reports. Do they have to show this to someone? And as I was going through the file that lady must have realised her mistake & came back in a hurry. But thanks to her mistake. I immediately told her to not to be seen in our office or at our site again. But this incident motivated me to see & observe what is happening in our society, on the name of social service.
Incident two: At the other construction site also we started a school & I was looking after that. Many people from NGOs started coming there also, saying we have trained teachers, take our services, they know how to handle children better etc. Anyhow this time also I got convinced that let’s give it a try, may be a trained teacher would be able to help children better. So, we hired a teacher from them. As she was trained, the changes were really visible after her joining. She made them learn a few activities, on the occasion of Independence day, she made them decorate the school by the things we provided them. But, here came the cleverness. They used to send a supervisor lady twice or thrice a week, to the school. She used to do surveys at the labourers’ camps like how many people live there, how many children do they have etc. Then I realised again they are making detailed reports & as soon as I asked them to show me & give me those reports, they started avoiding it. Then I noticed that lady used to get a camera every time she came & used to click photographs of the children playing, having food ( provided by the company ).  What was that and why? Here I was shocked again & this time I felt a bit annoyed. And as I was discussing it with my husband, he instantly said, “they are making these reports to get funds from some sources.” He suggested me to instantly shoo them away from the site. I instantly took action & called at school & get them out & told everyone to never let them enter into the site or school. So, this is it.
In between these months I talked to some people who are affiliated with some NGOs, they told me the same stories. That they work like, “madam ji ek crore aayega, 40 lakh aapke, 50 hamaare aur 10 gareebon par.”
Someone else told me that they do surveys, make reports & show in their files that they have taught 100 children, but in reality they teach ten children only.
Isn’t it shocking? These incidents give me more strength to do some real & genuine work because it is truly required, no matter how big or small.
So friends, if you really want to do something for the needy, always remember do it on your own, with your own hands. Never believe anyone, never!
It’s not like that that there are no good NGOs, yes there must be.
Neither I am saying that I would do wonders but I can make a promise to myself that I’ll try my best to do whatever I can; economically, in terms of good health or by imparting education.

Thanks for your time.
Good day pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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