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If You Are A New Early Riser…


If you are a new early riser and have a complaint that you don’t get that peace, that positivity, from the trees, the lawn, the birds, the winds, the nature… I want to ask you,” is it possible to make a new best friend or a successful relationship in just one day or in just a few days of beginning of friendship or a relationship?” Then why to expect this much from weather? Give them some time, along with yourself, explore and strengthen your friendship gradually, spend time with each other, try to be calm, and relaxed, try to empty the negativity from your mind. Keep contemplating neutrally. Don’t force the morning to be your soon, let her come on her own because she is everybody’d best friend. She just wants to see your dedication, your patience, your will to adopt her, to absorb her. And believe me take these few steps from your inner realms & the peace will flow, in abundance. And once it would come, it would never go.
So, buddy! It’s the journey of your transformation, towards bliss. Don’t underestimate it.
Let it come….it will come for sure,
but let her be on her own.
Till then you keep trying and be on your own,
Soon, very soon that blissful state would be shown.
Then you will be transformed for better,
You will start finding meaning in those birds’ chatter.
Then you will see the changes in your outer world too,
How have you started handling the situations calmly
and how would have you grew.
But at the very first step empathise it clearly
that the journey starts from within,
And the deeper you go, the better you would perform
and feel akin.
So, what are you waiting for now,
Show gratitude to the universe and bow.
Come! Let’s start the journey towards our transformation,
Let’s be thankful to the cosmos for its creations.

Happy & contended weekend pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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