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Detailed Feedback On Shiva Trilogy


I know I’m late in giving this feedback, though I read the third part as soon as it came. But anyhow, ” jab jaago tabhi savera”. Let me give you a brief introduction, Shiva Trilogy is a set of three books.Their names in series are- The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of The Nagas and The Oath of The Vayuputras. In these books author Amish has described some parts of Lord Shiva’s life, very beautifully and very effectively. How he was a common man like everybody else, living a rural life & how destiny had something else in store for him. The first two books are simply outstanding. Here you can relate yourself with the lord himself, like how he too used to get confused in taking his life’s decisions, how he is immature somewhere & how daring on the other front. And many other tiny incidents of his life. I contacted the author each time to provide him with my positive feedback. I even met him twice. I found him really innocent & I don’t know why I had a feeling that he is my younger brother. Anyhow, the third book released, in which he concluded Lord’s Shiva’s & his beloved wife- Sati’s love story. But unfortunately I didn’t find that book worthy of being dedicated to the great Lord Shiva. And I’m sure those who’ve read the book will agree with me. One can see clearly that it has been written by a blind Shiva follower. Completed biased & one sided. Where Lord has been shown a weak lover, unable to take unbiased & right decisions while upset, so madly in love with his wife that every other thing & responsibility seems bizarre to him. And due to this mad love only he takes some disastrous decisions which can not be considered as intellectual or humane at any cost. Those who’ve read this book know what I’m talking about. In fact Sati’s character has been shown far stronger than Shiva. She is bold, beautiful, intelligent, a dedicated wife, a wonderful mother and what not. A true example of the perfect feminine energy of the universe.
We all must not forget, in any circumstances, that when we follow some great personality or worship any deity, we don’t respect their physical appearance but we worship their virtues, how they have lived their lives, how did they handle each tough situation, how did they survive and in doing so how they’ve given something to the society, to the mankind.
I,too, am a lord Shiva devotee since my childhood. But unfortunately Amish have failed to do justice with the great personality, rather he became biased & wrote as a blind follower. This is not the time to blindly follow someone, just because everybody else is doing so. This is the time of giving examples that this is the reason why we worship them.
Surprisingly when I gave him my honest feedback after finishing the third book, Amish didn’t reply to my email. Because he was a famous author by then & must be receiving thousands of fan mails daily. Haha… isn’t it kiddish? I still have his mobile number in my cell, but he has blocked my email ID.
But dear Amish, I didn’t criticise just for the sake of criticising. I just tried to give my honest, unbiased feedback and had truly thought that you too would read it unbiasedly.
I wish you good luck for your future writings brother, with an expectation that they would be more logical and would be written through an unbiased perspective. Happy writing!!

Happy day friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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