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Be An Emperor, Not A Beggar, In Front Of The Universe

Pala Reflection

This is a very simple example of our lives. When a beggar shows off his miserable conditions to us at a red light or at our door step or while we are walking on the road, how do we treat him? We feel irritated. We reprimand him, shoo him away, tell him to move ahead. Sometimes, very few times, we pity him & give him 2,5 or 10 rupees, that too out of pity not compassion exactly. We tell him to find some work for himself, in short to do his purusharth, his karma.
Now analyse your behaviour in front of the universe. Are you a beggar? Who always crib or spread his hands to seek something. If yes, let me tell you this is not the right way at all. And if you think this beggar thing is working then excuse me, the universe is pitying you, not respecting you.
Just be like an emperor, respect yourself, be dignified, irrespective of your miseries. The universe knows it very well what do you exactly want? Don’t irritate the universe, don’t make her think that you are a beggar. The universe also respects those who stand for themselves, who do their Karma honestly.
Just apply this little philosophy on your life & believe me your life would be transformed.
And guess what, things would come to you in abundance….

Here one thing has to be cleared that be a humble emperor, not an egoistic one. 🙂
Well! This is a self tried technique.
Happy day buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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