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The Weather Is Meditating…

It’s 6:30 in the morning, I am sitting in the lawn. The weather is calm, serene & peaceful as if deeply in meditation. The trees, the winds seem meditating too. Its only the birds who are chirping & preparing to leave their nests for the daily chores.
The sun is on his way peacefully. Anyways whether he appears or not; his light is here with us. He has that intensity in him, those gorgeous qualities, that grandeur, that he affects us wholly from this distance too.
It’s really amazing! That day there were beautiful & vivid winds were blowing & trees were dancing on their tunes. As if they were partying that monsoon has gone. As if they were welcoming the new weather which would be here, gradually, step by step. As if they wanted me to write a poem on them.
Today also they look beautiful, it’s just today they are partying internally. Today they are on their inner journey.
It’s really a bliss seeing them, observing them, spending time with them. Just being a spectator & trying to understand their messages.

Happy & blissful saturday buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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