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Woman… Why Is She Like That?


Woman, who except being surrounded by many, still feels lonely,
Sometimes who just finds herself lost without any particular reason,
Who is patient, calm and serene, but sometimes forget all of these’ definitions.
Who feels as the happiest person just now,
And at the very next moment she may feel like a pow*.
Who may seems like a chirping, playful bird on the exterior,
But yes! There is a possibility that within she is deeply sad, depressed and feels inferior.
Who is so loving and caring at times,
But due to her unexpected mood-swings,
She may react opposite, with a sting.
The world says no one can understand a woman,
But the truth is often she too feels the same of herself.
She is incomplete somewhere and somewhere she is perfect.
Sometimes she cries for the reasons unknown,
Why is she like that, what have she sown?
Somewhere she is as transparent as water,
While in some she plays politics, is a stalker.
Somewhere she is helping someone,
While in some she is just jealous.
Somewhere she is beautiful, divine and ready to embrace the world,
While in some; is introvert and curled.
Each woman represents a tiny part of the universal divine feminine energy,
She just have to find herself expertly.
Hey women! Let’s start to treat yourself as a goddess,
And feel the exaltation.
Feel the exaltation.

*pow- a person who surrenders to (or taken by) the enemy in time of war.
Wishing you a very beautiful monday & a superb week ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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