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Expect The Worst The Very Next Moment & Stay Happy In The Present One


Yes, friends! Expect the worst the very next moment & enjoy this present moment fully, completely, truly, honestly, madly, deeply. Anything can happen, a disastrous earthquake, a cloud burst, flood, any accident may happen in your house or somewhere around you, with you or with any of your dear one, the earth may rupture & you may be swallowed by her, if you live on a sea-side, an annoyed tsunami can come…..
Who knows? And if they are not happening, it means the nature wants you to live, to exist. Because believe it or not we live because of her consent. She can do whatever she wants, but still if we are here, breathing healthily, kicking & alive it means there are reasons, perhaps uncountable.
So, let’s find those reasons. Let’s start to live truly, madly, deeply, honestly, completely, fully.
Let’s stop existing and start living. 🙂
(Borrowed from an MJ song)

Happy & contented weekend friends!!!
Happy Navratris!
Medhavi 🙂

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