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Let’s Join The Dots. ——.—–.——.


Heard this philosophy by Late Mr. Steve Jobs, CEO Apple; when he gave a speech in June 2005, in Stanford University. Trying to elaborate it a bit further…

This write-up can be meant for those who are at least, either 30 years of age or above that, because one has to have some years of life’s experience when we talk about joining the dots. 🙂

How many of us would have thought that one day we would be living a life; we are living today?  Let’s take a look at our pasts and try to analyze some situations or turning points of our lives. We are definitely not on that point which we planned 20 years back or so. We planned something else and what happened was different altogether. In fact we’ve worked like a puppet during all this.

I know most people wouldn’t agree with me on this puppet thought but it can only be agreeable if we take a look at our past and try to connect some events and believe it or not we’ll conclude that whatever happened; happened for a reason and for our own good only. May be we would not have been happy at the time of that event but finally we’ll realize that it was for our own good.

For example- someone’s dream might have been shattered in front of his eyes; he must have been cried at that time. But after many years if he would try to look back at that particular event he will realize that the universe had some other, bigger plan for him.

I’ve experienced it & I’ve believed it. And I think you would also agree?

If we try to find why all this happened we’d realize that this is the reason why it’s said “Live In Present” because we don’t have any control on future & we can’t change the past. So, what we can hold or live; is the present moment only. And if life has not been very friendly with us we should try to ask ourselves, “Am I the one who is responsible for these consequences? Was there any chances that I could have improved the events through my karma?”

Above all; these philosophies teach us to surrender; surrender in front of the cosmos. Because we are (almost) nothing in front of it; but whoever are we; we  are really very important.

But this surrender thing doesn’t mean that we should not do hard work or shouldn’t make any future plans. Yes, definitely we should but we shouldn’t be that tensed that it starts to affect our health or relationships.

Well! That’s all I wanted to say.

Hope I’ve done justice to whatever I had in my mind. 🙂

Thank you friends for your time & patience.

Have a surrendered day ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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