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English Translation Of Don’t Know Why… don’t know why…


Don’t know why got tears in my eyes,
When smelt the boundless fragrance of a tiny flower in the morning.
Thinking that when this little flower can hold unlimited aroma within,
Which is visible from far.
Then we are the ones who are huge & the most developed species.
I wonder how much we are capable of?
We ourselves are unaware about those infinite fragranced flowers like this,
We hold down under.
Then where are those flowers…where have they lost?
We know that they are disappearing,
But still we don’t even try to stop them or find them.
Still we are moving into opposite direction.
Sometimes by giving excuses of our busyness & sometimes by blaming our present situations.
We are falling away from our those perfumed flowers.
Don’t know why…
Don’t know why…
We are pretending to be unknown,
Don’t know why…
Don’t know why…
And we know we just have to take a step by heart,
Towards love, towards peace, towards soft feelings.
We are aware that all the other outlets would fall on our way on their own.
But still we don’t dare to take that one step,
Don’t know why…
Don’t know why…
Perhaps, we are afraid that what if really we would find a way,
Then we have to travel that road,
We have to link up with ourselves again.
And that connection will bring a pause into our lives,
Which will acquaint us to our core reality.
Hence we are afraid of that stillness,
Don’t know why…
Don’t know why…
We are scared of ourselves.
Don’t know why…
Don’t know why…
Finally got the time & motivation to translate this. Thanks to Mr. Ramesh Rajaram for not knowing hindi.
Thanks friends.
Have a pleasant evening.
Medhavi 🙂

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