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What If You Are The Chosen One…?

chosen one

We all live our lives quite randomly, without giving it much thought, without realizing how important we are in this universe.  And because we are important; every decision we make, every step we take becomes important. But we don’t pay any attention to this. We are just living our lives; we are really busy to understand our role in this cosmos. But as there is a hindi saying,” zimmedaari samajhne se hoti hai, kahne se nahin”. One has to understand his responsibility on his own, without being told by someone else.

We can’t imagine the number of innumerate reasons behind our existence. But we just have to have faith that we are here to do something special, something unique, to make a difference. And we can make that difference by doing the work we love to do the most. That is called our passion, our reason to exist. We should always keep this in mind that we all are the chosen ones, that’s why we are here. But at the same time we should be clear in our minds that the universe is not going to tell us or send us any letter to inform us the same. We have to understand this on our own, through the innumerate messages the universe gives us every time. To understand those messages we have to be in sync with the nature, with the universe. We have to open our inner eyes to observe the tiny miracles happening each & every moment around us. And gradually & slowly we will be in sync with the cosmos, with ourselves. That would be the day when our journey will be started. Journey for the truth, journey for the self, journey for the higher, noble goal.

So, friends! Are you in to act like the chosen one?

Thanks for your time mates.

Have a pleasant day ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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