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We Are Sheer Opportunists… Aren’t We?


We are no one but opportunists, sheer opportunists,
Whatever we do, we do out of opportunism.
We read a book,
We are opportunists.
We write, we are opportunists.
We watch TV, we are opportunists.
We get married, we are opportunists.
We expand our families, we are opportunists.
We do job, we are…..
We start a business, we are….
We hire a employee, we are….
We earn money, we are….
We travel the world, we are….
We make friends, we are….
Only in very few contexts, we don’t act as opportunists,
That is when we render self-less service to the needy.
By any means which we have in plenty.
But in a way that too is opportunism,
Coz it gives us satisfaction.
In any context our ego is going to be satisfied,
Then ego is bad, why do we confide?
The truth is we can’t exist without ego and opportunism,
If we want to achieve absolutism.
Strange, but true…
May be we’ve defined these words wrong,
Or the definition is right, we’ve got them wrong?

Happy tuesday buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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