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The Journey Of A Caterpillar & A Student


Few days ago my daughter shared a story with me, which was told to them by their school principle. It was quite inspiring. Sharing:
Once there was a boy, who was a student of Biology. They were given a task to keep a caterpillar & observe it until it turns into a butterfly. The boy kept a caterpillar at home & used to observe it daily. (There is a phase in caterpillar’s life when it locates itself on a particular point & after few days, it goes through many hormonal changes & gradually leaves its older shell & turns into a chrysalides & after few days it comes out as a butterfly.) This process is very intensive & needs a lot of strength. So, when the boy was observing it changing into a chrysalides; he thought of helping it. But as soon as he tried to help it, it died. The boy felt sad. Then his teacher told him that that phase have to be faced by the caterpillar alone & not through any outer help.
Only then it can turn into a butterfly.
The story ends here & the  message is clear that why the principle told this story to her students. So that they can understand the value of their struggle & hard work & must know that they are the only ones who have to do it and no one else can do it on their behalf.
Similarly, our life is also like that as we all are its’ students.
Found a very descriptive video of a butterfly’s journey through google. Please go through it to have a glimpse of that interesting journey:

Thank you friends for your time.
Have a tremendous day!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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