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What If All The Living Beings Would be One


What if we start thinking all the living beings as one,
Wouldn’t it be fun.
Then my joy will be yours too,
& your pain would be mine.
We all will live happily together,
And everything will be fine.
In fact then I will be you,
And you would be me.
There would be no differentiation,
But only glee.
If a barb would affect me,
We’ll bear it’s pain together.
And if any of us will get accolades,
We will do a get-together.
How peaceful our earth would be,
No one would kill anyone.
Not even a silent creature,
Wow! what an imagination,
If our planet would have this feature.
Don’t you think this is what life & this existence is all about,
And we all are the ones affixed for carrying this out.
Yes, I think! without a doubt.
So why not take a step towards this unity,
& raise our planet’s immunity.
Then our future generations will be proud of our community.
I think we should not loose this opportunity.
I know it’s not a task of one day or a few years,
But at least we can think like that dears.
And one day there would be nothing but peace & serenity,
The universe would be balanced.
There would only be love, divinity & talents.
Lets hope for that future,
Coz we are its producers.
Producers of our destiny,
Lets move towards that zealously.

Thanks for your time friends.
Have a motivational sunday ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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