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So Many…


So many point of views to be understood,
So many stories to be listened.
So many dreams in those sparkling eyes,
So many journeys.
Each being, different journey,
Each being, different story.
So many struggles, so many juggles,
So many ways of handling,
So many ways of abandoning.
So many depressions,
So many confessions.
So many victories,
So many histories.
So many hidden talents,
Which used to be explored & balanced.
So many characters,
And behind them so many factors.
So many ways to understand,
And so many to withstand.
Life is about infinitism,
This is its mysteriousism.
A reason behind everything,
Which needs to be justified as a blessing,
Which needs to be justified as a blessing.

Thank you friends.
Have a flowing weekend!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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