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Is Meditation Limiting Our Creativity?

Currently I’m reading a book by Mr. Khushwant Singh Ji, named-“There Is No God”. In this book he has talked about almost all the religions & expressed that  in his personalised religion there is no God.

Whether there is God or not, that is totally a different question. In one chapter he has mentioned about a modern fad, which includes the educated & the semi educated people, who wish to appear secular. They proclaim with an air of smug superiority,” main mandir vandir nahin jata, bas meditation karta hoon”. ( I don’t go to temples or other such places, I only meditate). The exercise involves sitting in the lotus pose (padmasana), regulating one’s breathing & emptying the mind to prevent it from jumping about like a monkey from one (thought) branch to another. This intense concentration apparently awakens the kundalini (the serpent coiled at the base of the spine), which then travels upwards through chakras (circles) till it reaches its destination in the cranium. Then the kundalini is fully jaagrit (roused) & the person is assumed to have reached his or her goal.
What does mediation achieve? The usual answer is ‘peace of mind’. If you further ask ‘and what doe peace of mind achieve?’ You will get no answer because there is none. Peace of mind is a sterile concept, which produces nothing. The exercise may be justified as therapy for those with disturbed minds or those suffering from hypertension, but there is no evidence to prove that it enhances creativity. On the contrary, it can be established by statistical data that all the great works of art, literature, science & music were works of highly agitated minds, at times on the verge of collapse. Allama Iqbal’s short prayer is pertinent:
Khuda tujhey kisee toofan se aashna kar dey
Ki tere beher ki maujon mein iztirab nahin
(May God bring storm in yoir life,
There is no agitation in the waves of your life’s ocean)
Does that mean that meditation works just to keep our mind calm & nothing else? What about creativity & hidden talents? What I concluded after studying dharma is that; it’s all about finding your extremes… to reach at your best, to take the best out of you.
I’ve never done the mediation mentioned above because for me writing poetry is meditation. This is the time when I’m in my own world, in flow of my own thoughts. At that time I feel extremely positive & calm.
And does that mean that also; one’s passion is also a form of meditation only?
So, can I have feedbacks from the people who have done meditation? Is the anyone? Do let me know what do you think about it.
Thank you friends for your time & patience.
Have great day ahead.
-Medhavi 🙂

Source: Excerpts from the book “There is no God” by Mr Khushwant Singh Ji.

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