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Are You An Atheist? If Yes. WOW!

If you are an atheist it means you still have that fire in you. Fire to ask questions…fire to be rational…fire of not following anything blindly.
Dharma is for intellectuals. It is for those who want all the answers logically. Yes, it may possible that one can get it if he is dumb. Because in this case you are blank & ready to learn. You are open for new ideas. It’s not for those who are mere blind followers. One has to has a level of intelligence & understanding to understand dharma. It’s really good to ask questions, if one is asking questions it means he is  rational, i.e. he is truly seeking for something. And the one who is just following it means sooner or later his faith is going to be shattered because he will be the one who will run wherever the mass is going. Without any strong devotion that’s why I think atheists can turn out to be the biggest theists because they don’t believe in anything, not even God, without any logic.
Dharma is science. So, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t believe in God or any other spiritual deity. It means at least you are not with the crowd, you still  have that deep desire to know the truth. You don’t believe easily in whatever anyone says. Your chances of becoming a theist are far greater than of any theist’s becoming an atheist. And the day all the theists will become atheists will be the day of starting a new era. When everybody will start to think rationally, will be full of questions. Then they all will be called true seekers and when people will get all the answers about God, when they’ll get to know this is what life is all  about. There will only be love, non-violence, peace and compassion on our planet. Then the feeling of true devotion will come, where people will surrender themselves completely to God… To this Universe.
And there will be nothing else but bliss. 🙂

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