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The Food Code Badly Needs To Be Decoded

We live our lives quite shallow, without giving much thought what life is all about. This is the reason why we don’t value anything in life. We don’t count our blessings very often & that’s why we take them for granted & misuse them. Beside many other things, one of the most important part of our lives is food. This is one of the basic necessities of our life. But have we ever given it a thought that how important is it to eat the right food at the right time, to keep ourselves going healthily, throughout.  NO.
Since childhood we are just stuffing ourselves. Without knowing about our needs. In teenage when our metabolism is high, we still survive our habit of over eating. But as soon as we grow old, things start to getting worse. We face many health issues like laziness, upset stomach, constipation etc. Many of the diseases originate from stomach only, as we all know. But this is the organ, we have always ignored, in fact we’ve tortured it, without thinking of it’s needs, without asking it what does it wants. We have always stuffed it without having an idea what it goes through when we over eat. We value our heart, kidneys, liver, lungs & bones, but we never talk about our stomach. ( Read this in Rujuta Diwekar’s book- Don’t Loose Your Mind, Loose Your Weight) It is ignored in our lives just like some other social issues of our society.
When we go to the gym or do yoga or go to a dietician, everyone says that 70% of our weight reduction process depends on the food we eat and only the rest 30% can be reduced through exercising. But still we don’t listen to them because our brain is under control of our tongue & we are in so much of love with our tongue that we don’r care what other people say, we just keep eating & keep spoiling our bodies. Whether the layers of fat accumulate in our asses or somewhere else. We just don’t care. We keep torturing our stomach because we’ve never given it a thought, we’ve been living like this since ages, we don’t have the time to think about our food. We are like that & we’ve accepted that.

At this point of life I strongly think & believe that the food code needs to be decoded. Eating food should be like meditation. Where we first thank the universe for our food and then enjoy each & every bite fully, chew it completely, feel it going down from the oesophagus to our stomach, can experience the food getting broken down with the help of acids & when it gets dissolved into our blood and how through blood it travels to different body parts, so that they keep on working.
And I strongly believe that too that just like each & every soul is different, on a different path of it’s journey, similarly we all have our own food needs at different times. If you require food every four hours, may be I require it three hourly. Only thing is we have to be honest with ourselves.
I want to know that, I want to know the details and I want to learn what kind of food is needed by my body at what time. So that now, at least now I can concentrate on my food. Now I want to meditate on my food. Because I want a healthy body & a healthy life. No matter for how long I live, but I want to be healthy throughout. A life which is free from diseases & illnesses.
Eating food should be like meditation.
-Medhavi 🙂

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