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No! It’s Not About Money… Not At All…


I’ve been observing it since a long time. Generally people talk about rich people with this thinking that they are crazy after money. But I don’t agree with this. No, not at all. If it would have been about money only, no one would have bothered so much, no one would have worked this hard to achieve a certain level. Have we ever thought how much one works hard to attain a level in the society? And that person alone take along how many people towards growth? It can’t be called only one man’s growth or journey. If we talk about big businessmen or celebrities, we’ll find them rich of course; but we will also find them truly dedicated towards their work. And the owner of any big company gives employment to thousands of people and this way their families are also connected with that company. And if we try to find even bigger contribution, that man is serving the society & then the nation at large. No,he can’t take this headache just to earn money. Because the bigger a man’s business is, the bigger are his tensions.

But gradually this has become the rule of our society that we have to gossip. Hard work is hard work until we are doing it, but others’ hard work seems as if they got it as a piece of cake. And this even become worse if we are facing financial issues, the we find rich men even more vulnerable to point, by saying,” he must not have been through any financial crisis ever. How does he know the value of money?”
Recently I’ve been reading and having some different experiences about the rich & famous. Sharing few of them.
  • If it would have been about money, Bill and Melinda Gates wouldn’t have been decided to give away all their money to charity in 2020.
  • A little while back, Mr. P. N. C. Menon, the founder of Sobha Group of Companies with an estimated worth of 600 million $ have decided to give half of his wealth to charity i.e. 300 million $.
  • Recently I got to meet Mrs. Savitri Jindal, in an opening ceremony of a Gaushala near Gurgaon. Until that day I didn’t know her, I was sitting just opposite her for at least ten minutes and as I didn’t know her, I was just observing her, thinking that she must have been a celebrity by the way people were treating her. Later on my husband told me that she is the richest woman of our country and she is the one who is the steel baroness and chairperson of Jindal group. Now, let me describe her personality- she was wearing a cotton saree, not so expensive or designer. There was a chandan tika on her forehead and the way she was talking, I found her the humblest and so devoted that I can’t explain. Afterwards I searched about her on google and was shocked to see that she is at number five among the top ten richest women in the world. I regretted that why I missed that golden opportunity to meet that grand lady.

So, my conclusion is that it’s not about money. Rich people are the ones who challenge themselves, who take risks, who strive to bring out the best in them, who never accept defeat, who are self motivators, who are passionate about their work.

It’s about achieving one’s self, achieving the higher, noble goal, which serves not only the society or nation but to humanity.
Hope you would agree pals.
Have a relaxed weekend ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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