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Feeling demotivated… It’s Okay, It Happens :-)


Hey Buddy! Feeling demotivated & low right now. It’s okay, it happens with everybody every single person whether they are celebrities or any big, famous personality. Yes, we all have to face it. This is the negative side of us, which doesn’t want us to be successful in our lives, in our endeavors . But don’t let it take over you because you know you have even more positivity in you. Which supports you , motivates you and shows you the way. Which holds your hand & pulls you towards growth. That is the leader in you.

Okay, let’s try to remember how our personality used to be like ten years back. And take yourself ten years back & then try to analyze & see your current situation. Have you ever thought you would come this far. You would be like this, so mature, so stable, so confident and see your present achievements; have you ever thought you would be at this position in future? I think the answer would be a “NO”. Because when we start our journey & put our efforts into it, truly, honestly; we are bound to succeed. But at some point of life again we start to feel demotivated, we forget our own strengths, like how we used to deal with tiny tense situations with zeal & used to come over them, smiling, victoriously. How we used to value things, small, happy moments which used to be precious for us.

Then why today we don’t value them anymore. Is it because we are matured, but maturity should give one even more patience & stability. But the opposite is happening. Why friend?

Just be calm and happy. Analyze your own work , your own achievements from your ten years back’s perspective. And you will find that you are feeling tremendously positive & motivated.

And if you don’t want to go ten years back, try to analyze you achievements with a third person’s eye. Observe your strength & personality as if you are someone else. Detach yourself from yourself and then motivate yourself. I bet this will work.

And if still need some motivation, take strength from the nature. Observe nature carefully. Let’s take the example of sun. He comes every morning, stays there the whole day, doing his work, whether someone pays attention to him or not, but still he keeps shining brightly and keep giving his divine light & energy to us. And slowly, gradually, as the evening approaches he goes down with same patience & dignity.

Now, see how many people are there in the world who see & observe his grandeur & beauty. Very, very few, I must say. But does that make any difference to him? No, not at all. So, whose fault is this, of course it’s people’s fault not the sun’s. Because he is the one who is sure of his existence, he doesn’t need anybody’s motivation to show him the way. Can we live without him. NO.

Similarly, we all are like suns, millions of splendid suns and we all have the qualities of the sun. But due to some reasons those qualities are lying idle deep within us. Our task is to be motivated, to keep on doing our karma and by our hard work only we can find that divine light within us. And once it is found, our task is to never let it go.

So, be like the sun, feel like the sun & move like the sun.

Have a truly sunny day ahead pals !!!
Medhavi 🙂

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