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Nothing… Just tiny observations


Nothing just silence and observation
Enjoying the present moment and this charismatic creation.
Thinking of different cities in different countries of the world
Which my phone’s weather updates unfurl.

Strange it’s morning here and night in Miami
Midnight in Edinburgh and early morning in Dubai
This day’s afternoon in Queens-town and last evening in Bellevue
Oh! This world is quite a brew.

Somewhere it’s cloudy, somewhere foggy
Somewhere it’s raining and somewhere it’s clear sky
Wondering how beautiful and relative nature is
And how precise is this weather channel!

Which tries to catch the exact mood of the clouds
Like- partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, clear, mostly clear,
Showers, scattered showers or thunderstorm etc.
Oh! I am so glad that I belong to this era.

How resplendent nature is and how tremendous is relativity
One is there to surprise us while the other to increase our curiosity.

Sharing the image from my iPhone.
Happy Fun-day friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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