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Devoid Of Soul


Our soul communicates through our eyes; how true is that. We can check through someone’s eyes whether he is alive or not. Recently on our trip we visited a wax museum, where many famous people’s wax statues were there; which were quite real. I tried to peep into their eyes to see something real/different. But obviously they were soul less.
I remember when my nani (maternal grand mother) was on her death bed, I went to see her & she had took my hands in hers & had looked at me. I remember those eyes, as if they were looking at me but still were unable to see me. As if the soul was leaving. That day I realised why it’s been said,”????? ??? ?????”.
Though she died a week later but how clearly visible it was.
I really wonder how a blind person’s world would have been? How tough it would have been for him to communicate?
I wonder can we thank nature enough for our healthy body.

Thanks for your time friends. Have a truly thankful evening ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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