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No escape…


No, there is no escape from the soul, from the consciousness. It is watching me, my every tiny move closely. And its her silence which kills me, makes me feel guilty. The way she looks at me, observingly, I become speechless and feel like a culprit.
Her silence says,”you know it well that when you gossip about someone, it means that person has some qualities which unfortunately or knowingly you don’t have and can’t have. If you are able to detect some vices in him, it means you too have those faults in you, in corner of your mind. See, this is the reason you are recognising them!”
“When one moves ahead on any path or ladder with his own wish; don’t forget with each step his answerability increases and so must his transparency.”
I am in a realisation mode, making some promises to myself, my soul.
I am feeling lighter now.

Happy Monday and a very happy week ahead friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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