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Just thinking about what to write this morning. Cut an unnecessarily used word from a recently written poem and got the idea of perfectionism. Indeed it is beautiful! It is strict, disciplined but beautiful. It leaves no scope for errors. It is just perfect.
As a person climbs the ladder of his passion, no matter what, gradually he becomes a perfectionist. Where there is no place for mistakes. He just wants everything to be perfect because he knows it through his experience what botheration can a tiny mistake cause. That error may seem negligible to others though, who are not that acquainted with the charm of perfectionism.
But for the one who is standing at that ladder it means everything. Hence after each mistake he feels guilty, he repents and sets even a tougher goal for himself.
This is the trance of perfectionism.

Wishing you all a perfect day friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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