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“That” Girl’s After death Letter To Indians”

 Dear Indians,
I can’t express my gratitude and thanks for all the support & thoughtfulness you’ve shown towards me in the period of my crisis.
Till the evening of 16th december 2012, I was just a normal girl, with a normal girl like dreams in my eyes. I also wanted to achieve something in my life, I also had dreams of my prince charming, that one day he will come to marry me, he will love me, respect me, pamper me, protect me and I will have a normal life just like any other woman. But I didn’t have any idea that destiny has chosen me for something else. May be for a revolution?
That day when I got into the bus, without knowing that something terrible is going to happen to me, which will be counted in the rarest of rare cases in history. You all know.
I tried very hard to save my Self, my Soul, but couldn’t. The pain I went through is indescribable. But when I was on the ventilator, in the hospital, I could sense that the whole nation was with me. All of you have given me strength beyond description. But no one can beat fate.
So, now what? What will happen now? I know you people are hurt, you must be mourning on my death. You’ll talk about me for few more days. And then you’ll move on? Of course you should move on.
But now that I’m no more. I want you people to remember this incident, not me
( because no one knew me, no one saw me) but this incident. But please don’t create a hullabaloo on my death rather I want every Indian to start working on their thinking towards women. Now, I want you to raise your daughters with strength. I want you to respect your mothers, wives & sisters. Because my death is a warning that if some serious step will not be taken now, it never would be. And then that day is not far when cases like these will be more common on India’s streets. And mine was still the rarest of rare, so the whole nation was with me. But may be at that time no one will bother except the victim’s family.
You know the reason behind the frustration every girl has shown in the rallies?
That frustration was not because of my case only. It is there in every woman, every girl since a long time. But the thing is no one had the courage to speak up.
Because they are living with this insecurity. When they walk on Delhi roads, Almost all men stare at them, irrespective of their clothing & age. They think it’s their birth right to make women feel uncomfortable. And they never waste a chance to touch a woman here & there, whether it’s a bus or metro or any other public place. Why? Is it their ego which can’t tolerate women’s freedom? Isn’t it the frustration of “Purush Pradhaan Samaaj”? Because they have  used & abused women since ages, whether through scriptures or otherwise.  Women’s growth is indeed hard to digest for them.
The people who have committed this crime will be punished sooner or later. But what about those evils who are still free? Till when we will be able to save our girls from these devils? That’s why now I want every girl to be stronger & fearless. Now I want a silent revolution, which should be in your thinking. A revolution to understand pain, whether it’s of someone else’s daughter or yours.
I do hope that you all agree with me & fulfil my wish. Only then my soul will be able to rest in peace.
– That unknown girl

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