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A poem for my son


My son…
Who loves me dearly
But never shows off
When I am away
Of course he misses me
Though he never says that
For me he longs.

Obviously he cares for me
Though I have to understand it
Through his little gestures
Coz he never shows anything directly
This is his magnificence.

When I was a kid
I saw my father
Who was already grown
Indeed I saw my brother growing
But at that time
I was also a young girl.

And then my husband came into my life
Hence I never knew how does it feel to nourish a young pal
I know my daughter well
Being females we have a comfortable bond
But to understand my boy
I have to work hard.

He is different from his sis
I think we don’t put this feeling of male hood in them
It is a nature’s gift.

He is reserved in nature
Shy & introvert
He observes everything keenly
But never says a word.

Being a mother I know him well
That I have to read his eyes
For his joys & irritations.

Love you baby
For whoever you are
Grow up
Mom wishes you the best for all your future endeavours.

I wonder how many mothers would  feel this way.
Good day pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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