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Being In A Relationship…

When we are in a relationship; it is about love, understanding, caring, dedication, motivating (each other), respecting, pampering, advising and support. Relationships can’t be bound in sex only because they are beyond that. And that too is for sure that for attaining this level of consistency; one has to be patient, shrewd and understanding.

You will fight, you will cry, you will get hurt, sometimes you will even think of separation. But at that time also just be patient. Give your relationship some time, as time is a big healer. And keep analyzing yourself as most of the relationships break just because of ego. So, analyze every fight, every argument, ask yourself,” Am I said because my ego is hurt or is there a genuine reason?”

If your partner is loving, caring and honest; these are the reasons enough to ignore… not ignore but to understand his/her weaknesses also. And as the time passes your relationship also matured, you learn to tackle situations, you learn to be patient, and you learn to accept the other person as he/she is.

And then a relationship can be called a successful one, where two people are deeply in love, understanding and dedicated towards each other.

This is the reason why institution of marriage is there; to teach us all these good qualities.

If we connect this to spirituality, we get to know that the ultimate purpose of everyone’s life is to merge with the divine; marriages teach us to merge. Merger of two souls into one.

Thanks for reading this. Have a wonderful day ahead friends!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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