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When I Got A Call From Mom…

Life is too short to hate someone; read this quote somewhere long ago. But have analysed it today when I got a call from my mom, she was sounding a bit worried. When I asked her the reason she told me that today she got a call from my maasi (her sister) whose very best friend’s (almost like a family member) is diagnosed with cancer. He is just 58 years old. And he was not that sick too, just having cough & mild fever (which used be there every evening) since the past few days. And when they got the tests done he is diagnosed with food pipe cancer; which has entered into his lungs as well and hence not curable. Mom was worried because she & dad are also growing old.
This news made me also sad 🙁 and since then I am thinking why we always keep ourselves busy in manipulating tiny things, useless talks & unnecessary tensions, which are mostly generated by our own minds only. Why we don’t value feelings of love, caring, honesty…. Why do we jealous? What if we are having a fight with some near one & not talking to him since a long time, that person is diagnosed with some kind of incurable disease? What would we do then?
Now a days we are listening about diseases & accidents like never before (or may be now my eyes & ears have started working properly). A person is there healthy, kicking & alive; energetic, lively & joyful and no one knows whether a month later that person is going to be there or not? Or may be we will be there or not? So why keep regrets in our hearts? Why be jealous of someone? Why be unhappy of someone if he doesn’t act according to you? I’m too not an exception. I also fight with all these bad feelings.
But we all have to fight together and become good, sensible human beings with full of love & compassion.
Hats off to those who have defeated these monsters of negativity.
And my heartiest wishes to that uncle, who is now admitted into a hospital.
May the universe take care of him & give him the power to overcome this disease.
Thank you friends & have a healthy day ahead!!!
Keep smiling.
Medhavi 🙂

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