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Think Of Yourself As A Separate Identity…


Sometimes I really wonder how deeply we all are influenced by the people who surround us or by the society we live in. Our whole thought process moves around it; whether it’s our eating, living, thinking, education, sitting, standing… everything, every little thing. We live like this because we’ve seen many people living like this; we speak like this because we’ve observed many people speaking like this. We exercise because we’ve seen people with good bodies and through them we know it is necessary to be fit. Whatever we talk, it has to be related with some or the other person. We can’t just live or talk or eat without reference to anybody. This is the way of life.

Sometimes this dependent thought process really helps us in improving our lives and personality; it depends on what kind of people we are in touch with. But sometimes it may influence us in bad ways; when we find ourselves unable to cope up with some tensions or our bad habits and many other things, because our mind thinks like someone else want it to think like.

Today, just at this moment, think about yourself untouched, detached with all those people & circumstances, as a separate identity. An identity which is not at all influenced by its surroundings & people.

Who is raw, empty, serene, innocent and ready to learn; ready to observe with a new, unbiased perspective. Who is ready to start a new journey, just like a child.

Let’s imagine ourselves like this. I do hope through this we can start our journey again with a fresh moment, fresh mind and that too is for sure that this time we will be even better human beings; better in every relationship, in all circumstances and better as citizens & all the other ways in life.

Thanks lot friends. Have an unbiased day ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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