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The omnipotent, omnipresent & omniscient

I am divine,
I am the light,
I am fearless,
I am complete,
I am serene,
I am pious,
I am blissful,
I am intellectual,
I am energetic,
I am knowledgeable,
I am beautiful,
I am ever youthful,
I am omnipresent,
I am omnipotent,
I am omniscient.
I am everything.
I am in every particle.
But since the time immemorial I’ve accumulated karma particles which have made me evil, dark, fearful, incomplete, annoyed, violent, wicked, inactive, unwise, ugly and old and have left me with nothing.
I can’t see my own traits.
I can’t feel my own virtues.
I can’t experience my own excellence.
I can’t sense my own Godhood.
But I surely know that this journey is all about exploring my hidden realms,
Realms which would take me to the divinity.
To the bliss, to the infinity.
Come! Let’s close our eyes and feel that infinity within,
That divinity within.

Happy & thoughtful day pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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